Bay Area artist Saweetie is clearly making an impact on the music blogs. After appearing on VIBE, the slick tongued rapper has appeared on almost every major hip-hop publication on the World Wide Web.

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Recently, she unleashed "Expensive," a new track with trap music pioneer Zaytoven. But don't think she's just another gold digger looking to be chose, the college graduate just can't help that her tastes do not fall into everyone's tax bracket.

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"I’m actually dropping my new EP on my new label in January 2018. My company is called Icy, and I’m partners with my manager Max Gousse," says Saweetie about her burgeoning career. "At the moment, I’m really focused on building on my own label. I really want what it means to have a label, especially as a female rapper. I just want to help artists that were in the position I was in during a certain point in my life. It’s all about finding that potential before they reach their potential. I really want to be a hand in these young musicians lives to get to where they need to be. I want to be hands on and give them a home."