Thanksgiving is here and Black Twitter is back at it with the always hilarious (and oddly accurate) hashtag #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies.

For the reader who isn't black or a person of color, Thanksgiving in a black household is...different. Yes, there's love, laughter, non-stop jokes and a Spades game that will last longer than it takes to impeach Donald Trump.

But you can also rest assured there will be many side eyes, shady moments and pure disappointment when you and the rest of the relatives learn who's making the 'tata salad. (Not potato salad, but 'tata salad)

Or that moment you think you're about to smash some sweet potato pie but then you realize you fell for the jig.

For the cousin who believes health is wealth, unfortunately you may be S.O.L on Thanksgiving.

And then there's that moment when your grandma let's you rock despite what your mother may have said.