Emily Mueller earned the name as the Ohio Beekeeper after her maternity photos of her being swarmed by bees went viral.

While the photo merited many reactions--some considered it creative and beautiful, most worried about the welfare of Mueller's unborn child--on Sunday (Nov. 12) Mueller revealed she experienced a still birth.

According to The Kansas City Star, baby Emersyn was born six days before his due date.

Mueller and her husband are the owners of the Mueller Honey Bee company. The couple are professional beekeepers and honey-bee rescuers and also remove beehives from homes and businesses. The bees photographed in Mueller's maternity photo came from a hive the couple rescued earlier that day. It's reported Mueller made sure the bees had full stomachs, which would make it less likely they would sting. To get the bees to swarm her, Mueller held the queen in a container in her hand.

Mueller's photographer Kendrah Damis said Mueller consulted her doctor  prior to the photoshoot. Mueller was also quoted in the Baby Center parenting blog that bees are important to her and that she's been around them for years.

“When we decided to begin keeping bees, it was after our second miscarriage and during a time I needed something else to focus on emotionally,” she told BabyCenter. “I began to read a lot about bees and learned that they not only represent death but the beginning of a new life and I knew that is what I needed.”

In a subsequent Facebook post, Mueller wrote she thinks a blood clot is what's to blame for her child's death, however, doctors don't know for certain.

"If my intuition serves me right, I have a very strong feeling that this was a blood clotting issue as those traits have been affecting our immediate family for some time,” she wrote. “My next of kin have suffered miscarriages due to this disorder so it would make sense we could go through it as well.”