Sabrina Hooks and her girlfriend Morgan had no clue one night would changed their lives forever. The Los Angeles natives were victims of a hate crime with Hooks facing the most physical and mental trauma.

On Sunday (Nov. 11), the LAPD opened a hate crime investigation stemming from the Oct. 29 incident in South LA. The couple were eating a meal at a local Jack in the Box when five men entered and began hurling homophonic slurs to women. "They said, you know, I'm a dike and I'm gay and I had to keep my 'hoe in check' and just for no reason," Hooks said. Hooks tried to deescalate the verbal situation, but things quickly turned physical when one of the men came up from behind and punched her in the head.

Four others jumped in, kicking Hooks in the face as her girlfriend watched helplessly in horror. "Looking at her makes me want to cry every single time I look at her, "Morgan said. "To just assume that two guys can seriously put their hands on a female, it's shocking." Hooks lost a front tooth and suffered black eyes with possible permanent damage in her left eye.


The couple was hopeful that Jack in the Box employees or fellow patrons would step in, but they didn't. Morgan, who was also hit a few times in the attack, was able to take Hooks to the hospital.

"For it to get violent and, like I said, no one helped, that's just what really stunned me and it still hurts. It makes me fear just to walk down the street," Hooks added.

Since no witnesses have come forward, police are now scouring video footage to identify the men. Hooks is hoping to find justice from the traumatizing incident.

"A little justice would be nice," she said. "Just so the next person doesn't have to worry like I do."

A GoFundMe has been set up by Morgan and a longtime friend to help cover Hooks' extensive medical bills. So far, $4,930 has been raised for their $5,000 goal.