The murder of Baltimore Police Det. Sean Suiter could be handed over to the feds. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis requested that the FBI take over the investigation Friday (Dec. 1).

According to CBS Baltimore, the FBI is aware of the request but has not made a decision.

Sutter was shot and killed with his own gun last month. The slaying came a day before he was scheduled to testify against fellow officers in a federal corruption case. Davis does not believe that Suiter’s murder was connected to his pending testimony, but acknowledged the “complicated” circumstances surrounding the case.

“The circumstances surrounding Detective Suiter’s killing are significantly complicated by the fact that he was to appear before a federal grand jury the following day,” Davis wrote in a letter to the FBI. “I am growing increasingly uncomfortable that my homicide detectives do not know all of the facts known to the FBI and the USAO [United States Attorney's Office] that could, if revealed to us, assist in furthering this murder investigation.”

The request came one day after Suiter’s colleague, Sgt. Wayne Jenkins was indicted for planting evidence in relations to a 2010 arrest, CBS News reports.

According to the federal indictment, Jenkins is accused of planting “28 grams of heroine” inside of a civilian's vehicle. The act resulted in two people being wrongfully “charged with, and imprisoned for, federal drug charges.” Although the indictment does not name Suiter, CBS News identified him as the officer who Jenkins tricked into discovering the planted drugs.

Jenkins, who will go to trial on criminal racketeering and fraud charges next month, now faces an additional 20 years for the new charges.