It seems like Barack Obama has upgraded his position from “Leader of the Free World” to the “Rihanna of Politics,” as Gallup reports that at nearly a year out of office he's still the country’s “Most Admired” man.

The numerical proof of Obama’s popularity came Wednesday (Dec. 27) when Gallup released the results of their yearly “Most Admired Man and Woman” poll. In the survey, the publication, known for statistics, asked Americans who is the public figure they admire the most, and for the fifth time since 2013, Obama topped the list.

Obama edged out the current president – gaining 17 percent of the votes to Trump's 14 –, making this year one of the few times in the poll’s history where the sitting president did not acquire the title. This not only speaks to Trump’s overall approval rating, but also the Obama family's growing stardom.

According to Newsweek, as Trump closed in on Christmas his approval rating was below 40 percent which made him the most unpopular president at this mark in the history of the presidency. That paired with Obama's status as the most admired man and the former First Lady, Michelle, being named Gallup's second most admired woman (losing to Hillary Clinton by 2 percent), shows that Trump’s presidency only adds to the Obamas’ popularity.

Because of this affection, fairy tales have been created about the return of the Obamas to the White House that begins with Michelle creating history in 2020 like her husband did in 2008. These, however, are scenarios that the Obamas have cast off as merely hopeful fabrications with the former FLOTUS stating during last year’s South by Southwest Festive, “I will not run for president. No, nope, not going to do it."

Yet, despite this, 45's whirlwind provides hope that an Obama will once again grace public office. This steadfast optimism and the transcendent charisma of the Obamas – like Barack inducting JAY Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame or their fire vacation photos – has changed them from policymakers into two of the country's most admired people.