Boogie is growing into one of the artists that is destined to shine light on a new wave of MCs. Not just because he's lyrically sharp as a tack, but the West Coast rhymer isn't afraid to truly be himself, even if that means falling flat on his face. For Shady Records new recruit, music is about sharing his personal story, thoughts and opinions with fans --- not just bragging and boasting about being the flyest out.

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On Boogie's latest track, "Violence," he teams up with another rising star Masego for a reflective groove.

"They sold my intelligence, destroyed the evidence/Stepping in Devil shit, you smell it, it's Heaven sent/Connection was electric, but we all wired/With certain fears of being caught up in the crossfire/I love when you say you off and you finna come
I pray I don't get involved in your hit and run/You drive me crazy everytime that you give me some/It ain't no safety in your arms, make me get a gun," raps Boogie on the song.

Listen to "Violence" below.