Boosie Badazz released his BooPac album on Friday. After releasing his heart-warming visuals to "Webbie, I Remember," Baton Rouge's O.G. returns with a brand new music video for "Motherless Child."

Here, the rapper born Torrence Hatch goes back to his old South Side Baton Rouge neighborhood, known as The Bottom, as he describes the harsh consequences of a kid going through life without a loving mother. The video follows a motherless boy who grows into an angry man.

"Damn, Mikey/Why you never talk to no one in school?/Why you be actin' so rude?/You ain't got no friends at all with you/You walk home but I never see nobody walk with you
Or talk to you/Girls try to talk to you, it's like you cold inside/You keep on walkin' on a bitch/Kinda cold inside/You don't even trust your friends/'cause you never had a friend/'cause your mother left you when you was 10/Life full of sin," raps Boosie Badazz.

If you haven't already, support Boosie's new album by purchasing it here and watch the video above.