Cam'ron is really focused on keeping his beefs alive this year. Not long after his war of words with Ma$e, Killa Cam fires another shot at his rival Kanye West in his brand new single "La Havana." The single appears in Cinematic Music Group's fresh playlist Cinematic Radio 008. After the dramatic intro, the Harlem native gets candid about his issues with 'Ye.

“They can’t forget me, religiously in their memory, life of pablo, every other song the n*gga mention me,” Cam raps.

It seems like Cam's beef with West have been simmering for quite some time. The first time Cam went off on The Life Of Pablo rapper was in his last mixtape The Program, which dropped back in November. In "Colesaw" produced by Zombie YH, Cam opens the verse by claiming that 'Ye played out Jay-Z and brought up his trip to the hospital after his mental breakdown in 2016.

"Kanye got on stage, what he do? Played Jay-Z out
What he do next? Check into the crazy house?
Fuck that you made a living talking greazy
Besides that, man, you Yeezy with the Yeezy's
Be yourself, you ain't gotta go AWOL
And fuck that 'Ye, I been this way since yay tall
If you regret it then dead but if you said it, you said it
You meant what you said, can't tell me forgive and forget it."

Clearly, he's still sticking up for Hov, but it seems he might have his own issues with 'Ye. It'll be interesting to see where this beef goes in 2018. For now, stream Cam'ron's new song "La Havana" below.