Hip-hop has way more influence on our lives than setting the latest fashion trends or affecting everyday behavior. In fact, a new study suggests the genre has tremendous effects on brain function. According to researchers at Cambridge University, hip-hop can treat neurological illness and improve all-around brain function.

The Daily Mail was the first to report on Cambridge University's findings. The researchers reportedly discovered that freestyling put the brain in a unique "flow state" that triggers "parts of the brain responsible for emotion, language, motivation, motor function, and motor processing." This type of stimulation can reportedly impact the lives of those seriously coping with brain damage and illness, DM reports.

This isn't the first time hip-hop has basically saved lives. Dr. Akeem Sule and Dr. Becky Inkster, from Cambridge’s Department of Psychology, launched a study in 2014, which explored the ways in which hip-hop music could serve as therapy to help people deal with psychological issues. "We do believe that this is a movement and a new culture. With people being able to open up with hip-hop, it will heal them. They can walk away with this and it provides a new form of therapeutic release," Dr. Inkster said, according to MashableFurthermore, particular hip-hop MCs have also been woven into school curriculums to encourage healthy self expression.

Over the years, the genre has been widely criticized for it's lyrical content and messages. But it actually seems to do much more good than harm. Follow up on the full study at Cambridge University here.