Father Figures is like a Maury paternity episode come to life, yet it’s not comprised of DNA tests paired with a screaming audience. This time around, the children, twins Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) go on a search for their biological father.

Their mother Helen Baxter, played by Glenn Close, has lied to them for years on the whereabouts of their father. In the 70’s, she professes smoking lots of weed, and having random sexual encounters with powerful men. Their search is comprised of cringe worthy, but jaw dropping hilarious moments. Let’s just say that through their journey, they also find out more about their mom than they bargained for.

Amid the jokes, there's a valuable lesson to be learned about family here. Peter and Kyle are polar opposites, but their differences force them to come together. Kyle is a free-spirit, while Peter is a straight laced medical doctor deemed as too uptight. Still, both yearn for that father figure in their lives. In real life, Wilson and Helms spoke to VIBE about the important lessons their fathers taught them.

“My dad really put a premium on working hard, and getting a good education,” Helms said, Wilson adding that his father taught him that presence is always appreciated. “Sometimes it’s just about showing up,” he said.

Funnyman Katt Williams also stars in the movie, and plays "the universe." He’s first introduced as a hitchhiker catching a ride with the Reynolds brothers as thy continue their paternity search. When asked what’s the most important thing the universe has given him, Williams says:

“The universe gave me the ability to be able to witness things from different sides,” he explains. “So I can’t really be as judgmental as the rest of the world because in each situation I’ve actually been on the both ends of it. I’ve been the homeless guy and I’ve been the guy giving 100 dollars to the homeless guy.”

VIBE sat down with Elms, Wilson and Williams to discuss the importance of fatherhood in their lives; the gifts the universe has given them, and some of their crazy one night stands—yes that’s a pivotal part of the movie as well.