Massive brush fires have been devastating Southern California since Monday, burning more than 50,000 acres in Ventura and forcing 38,000 residents to evacuate their homes. Kyle, a Ventura County native, was directly affected by the disaster, revealing that his childhood home had burned down.

The rapper posted a series of Instagram photos on Tuesday (Dec. 5) with the devastating caption: “Just saw the house I grew up in in ashes…this is hard to watch.”

“All of my old neighbors and so many more have lost everything,” he continued.

The “iSpy” singer shared the phone number that those interested in donating can text, adding, “I’ll be reaching out to a lot of people today for help, to do whatever we can to rebuild the homes and live of everyone affected. Please pray for my city and everyone in it.”

See the full post below:

This article was originally published on Billboard.