Lil Peep's recent passing still lingers heavy in the heart of all those who loved the 21-year old musician. A trendsetter and groundbreaking artist in his own right, the Long Island-raised talent truly blurred the lines between rap and rock, and also showed the world that you do not have to follow any trends to be heard in the music world.

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This week, Peep's team released a new posthumous video from the late star. The "Save That Sh*t" visuals finds the singer trying to balance his hectic life on the road and his love life.

"F*ck my life, can't save that, girl/Don't tell me you can save that shit/All she want is payback/For the way I always play that shit/You ain't getting nothing that I'm saying/Don't tell me you is," raps Lil Peep on the song.

Watch the new video below.