No matter what your social status was in high school, or how popular you were in college, the minute you step into London’s K-West Hotel & Spa you’re garnished with a cool factor.

Located in the bustling Shephard’s Bush neighborhood of West London, the four-star boutique lodging is divorced of the posh and pretentious atmosphere that stifles other hotels. Here guests are welcomed by a well-equipped staff ensuring your stay at K-West (and in London) is as comfortable as possible, and they do so in Converses.

The 16-year-old establishment--which boasts two sister locations in London as well as Thailand and Bangkok--may be one of the younger hotels compared to others, but what K-West lacks in age they make up for in hospitality, fun, creativity and their ability to be in the now.

The lobby/bar is drenched in bright natural light (which for London weather is a miracle) and at night, turns into an unofficial club with a live DJ spinning tunes well into the wee morning hours.

If you’re a loner like myself and can only stand humans for but so long, the library located on the lobby floor provides a cozy atmosphere away from the traffic of check-in. Guests can catch up on reading, respond to emails or peruse the hotel’s own book collection, which pay homage to artists ranging from The Beatles to Bob Marley.

Courtesy of K-West Hotel & Spa

The Shepherd's Bush neighborhood was chosen specifically for its rich music history. Several recording studios and music venues are located not too far from the hotel, and before K-West opened its doors in 2001, David Bowie along with Bob Marley and The Wailers and other famed musicians recorded there. Hotel guests will hear today's top songs either in the lobby, while dining in the restaurant or have the pleasure of listening to a few of their own favorites on a record player inside their room. Music is unabashedly weaved into the fabric of the K-West Hotel & Spa. However, the real fun begins when you actually enter one of the rooms.

Courtesy of The K-West Hotel & Spa

Formerly BBC offices and studios, the 219-room building takes plush to a new level no matter what size room you book. Whether it’s the bachelor-pad esque junior double, (which is just shy of 250-square-feet) designed with sweeping panels of pewter and gray monotones, or the nearly 300-square-foot deluxe room made for two. The lounge area offers a place for you to chill after a long flight, and the tub in the modern spa-retreat like bathroom gives you the option to soak all your woes away. Each room comes equipped with a smart-flat screen television, an iPad and a complimentary iPhone to use as you walk around the city or to the newly built Westfield Mall just up the road.

But if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it big, yeah? As a woman who travels a bit for work, nice hotels aren’t foreign to me, but there’s nice and then there’s the K-West.

For 24 hours I called the embassy suite home, and for 24 hours I marveled at the cool and suave decor bestowed on me. I'm also a gal whose never stayed in a hotel suite before so it took me 30 minutes (okay, like an hour) to figure out how to turn the lights off, but it was still  the best 24 hours of my LIFE!

K-West Hotel & Spa Hotel

The 48-inch flat screen television along with the plush cobalt blue couches and burgundy ottomans in the lounge area seduced the lazy bum in me to come out and...well, be lazy. The king-size bed was so big, the other side should’ve had its own zip code, and the body jets on both sides of the shower wall in the bathroom, including the rainforest shower handle above made every shower I’ve ever taken before seem like a waste.

But let’s say you're not like me and hotel suites are as common to you as Tuesday mornings, the K-West Hotel & Spa takes just as much pride in its rooms as it does its spa. (I mean, it should. It’s called The K-West Hotel & Spa, buddy) The award-winning facility boasts a sauna, steam room, foot baths and Hydrotherapy pool. Some of the treatments include a glowing express facial, and aromatherapy facial or (my personal favorite) the 50-minute rose and honey facial. A fully equipped gym along with a nail salon are also on the hotel grounds along with 24-hour room service. So again, why would anyone want to leave?

Courtesy of The K-West Hotel & Spa

If you're headed across the Atlantic, the K-West Hotel & Spa is offering several new winter packages. Guests who book with K-West will enjoy a 25% discount from Dec. 17 through Dec. 27. Check the site to learn more about the deals they're offering.

If you're headed to London, stay at the K-West Hotel & Spa and tell 'em Shenequa sent you.