In December 2016, singer, songwriter and pianist Marsha Ambrosius added a new title to her already stacked resume: she became a mom. Marsha and her fiance Dez Billups welcomed their adorable daughter Nyla, and since giving birth, Marsha admits it's changed her entire outlook and creative process.

"I've always been straight forward with my pen, so being a mother now and having zero filter, no chill whatsoever, it's allowed me to be as clear as I want to be," the 40-year-old said. "Now having someone look into my eyes and I see my own eyes through her, it's a different feeling. It's terrifying, it's amazing, it's refreshing and I'm so excited to see where it takes us."

Teaming up with the Lincoln Motor Company for their "First Listen" series, Marsha and Sirius XM host Dion Summers cruised through the California hills while Marsha teased her latest song "Just Like Old Times." The  ballad is a response to the current cultural and political climate.

"There's a lot going on right in the world that forces my pen to have to write about it. From my perspective, music should reflect our times, it used to. It used to help. It used to heal. We need just a little bit more of that. Creating now is just as simple as me sitting back in my car, reflecting, and taking the journey and letting the narrative come to me."

Along with Marsha Ambrosious' latest musical debut, the Lincoln Motor Company invited along with other select members of the press to Los Angeles where they got a first look at the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. Hitting the market in the spring 2018, Lincoln's Nautilus is the successor to the Lincoln MKZ. The newest midsize SUV of the Lincoln brand combines smart technology with sophisticated style to allow for the owner to feel safe and still in control.

Among the many new features include lane-centering, which helps to gently maintain the vehicle's lane position while driving. Other features include pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, a blind spot information system, active park assist and lane-departure warning.

Lincoln Motor Company

Lincoln is also doing more than just placing cute bells and whistles on their newest luxury vehicle. The company is going the extra mile to ensure their customers already busy lives are as hassle free as it pertains to their car. Rolling out in Dallas, the Lincoln Motor Company will test out their pilot driver program, which will allow the owner of the vehicle to hire one of Lincoln's vetted drivers to do everything from pick up their dry cleaning to take them to hospital in cases of emergency.

“Research shows us that luxury customers are using services like Lincoln Personal Driver in their daily lives,” said Lincoln Motor Company President Kumar Galhotra. “We take it one step further by allowing our owners to use this service with their own vehicle, on their own time, and for a number of tasks to make their experience as effortless as possible.”

Another feature launching in California 2018 is Lincoln's vehicle pilot subscription, which allows clients a month-to-month flexible vehicle service. For the upcoming year, Lincoln is doing their part to meet the needs of their customers with their very real wants in a demanding fast-pace world.

Well done, Lincoln.