Another discrepancy within the music industry is brewing. On Saturday evening (Dec. 9), artists Remy Ma and Azealia Banks traded words on Instagram after the latter called out the "Wake Me Up" rapper for failing to "move the cultural needle" since she was released from prison in 2014.

In a previously stated IG caption, Banks said "the hottest things you've release since you've been out of jail are nicki Minaj love letters and she's STILL miles more important than you." The "212" rapper also had her quarrels with Minaj, but seemed to have patched things up earlier this year. As for Remy, the Bronx spitter debuted a diss track aimed at the Pinkprint artist over the summer for alleged behind-the-scenes incidents that attempted to hinder Remy's success.

Banks then tried to tell Remy that her relevance within the "female rap conversation" is no longer prominent and called her a "confused nicki Minaj Stan at best these days." The 26-year-old also reportedly changed her caption once Remy received news of her revelation, but the original and revised posts can be read below, respectively.

On Remy's side, the "All The Way Up" artist published a gallery of text conversations with Banks, including the latter wanting to collaborate and her battle with depression. "Don't let this stupid industry drive u crazy," Remy wrote back. "This era is fu**in stupid they don't take sh*t serious."

However, when Remy noticed Banks changed her original caption, she exposed more messages where Banks also dissed Nicki Minaj. "I got a year and half more of u stalking me, hating on ya new fave, & getting ignored," Remy captioned the post. "I'm officially airing out ALL y'all chicks that was on MY line heavy when I touched down & now all of a sudden got amnesia."

Despite their rift on social media, both artists are gearing up for the release of their projects. For Remy, fans are awaiting her Seven Winters & Six Summers album while Azealia wrapped up her role in the film Love Beats Rhymes.