Former reality star turned White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman appeared on Good Morning America Thursday (Dec. 14) to clarify what exactly led to her leaving Donald Trump's cabinet. During a sit down with Michael Strahan, the 43-year-old alluded to feeling "uncomfortable" during her time in Washington.

“[Chief of staff] John Kelly and I had a very straight-forward discussion about concerns that I had, issues that I had raised, and as a result, I resigned and it will be taking place January 20, when I leave this very interesting administration,” she said.

Manigault-Newman said she's serving until Jan. 20 and was careful about how she responded to questions, but she insisted while she was hired by the president, she did feel as though Kelly didn't want her on the staff.

“Because I am serving until [Jan.] 20th, I have to be very careful about how I answer this,” she said. “But there were a lot of things that I observed during the last year that I was very unhappy with. That I was very uncomfortable with. Things that I heard and observed. I can’t expand upon it because I still have to go back and work with these individuals.”

After learning of Manigault-Newman's departure from the White House many of her detractors rolled their eyes, including Good Morning America's Robin Roberts who seemingly wasn't buying the former Apprentice's claims.

Roberts has proven herself to be a graceful, calm journalist with the utmost integrity. She's fought (and won) many battles bigger than Manigault-Newman but Twitter realized in order for Ms. Roberts to shade someone that person must be...special.