Smino’s breakout year continues as Adidas Originals decided to enlist his help for their new “Songs From Scratch” episode. In this series, which is presented by the Los Angeles-based creative shop, Yours Truly, each episode documents the recording process of an original song featuring two artists who normally have not created together before.

Sticking with this concept, Yours Truly and Adidas decided to pair budding St. Louis singer/rapper, Smino, with seasoned producer and saxophonist, Terrace Martin, who both find roots in jazz. As a result, their combination, "Pecans," made for an instrument-heavy track that Smino laces with his unorthodox-flow, distinctive accent and his own drumming.

This recognition from a brand like Adidas—one that houses culture-shifting artists such as Kanye and Pharrell—is a just another accolade to add to the list of accomplishments Smino has compiled this year.

After slightly gaining mainstream attention with his feature on a leaked Big Sean track, Smino has used 2017 to propel his stardom to new heights. Along with the release of Blkswn, his critically acclaimed debut album, he embarked on several successful tours including opening for SZA’s Ctrl tour and co-headlining a tour with T-Pain.

As a result of applying this nonstop pressure, Smino has opened the eyes of multiple brands who, like Adidas, are recognizing his growing stardom. As 2017 comes to a close, there is much to anticipate about his soulful trajectory.

Watch the full episode up top and listen to the full version of "Pecans" here.