After dropping a handful of singles throughout 2017, Sylvan LaCue wraps up his final preparations for his upcoming LP Apologies In Advance with his new video for the bonus track, "5:55."

Directed by Jonathan Benavente, the video puts LaCue outside the city while he channels one of the main inspirations for his album, Jay-Z. The Miami rapper recently told Billboard that the uplifting video is all apart of his response to Hov's uncensored storytelling and brutally honest raps.

"4:44 deeply inspired my upcoming album Apologies in Advance," LaCue recalls. "'5:55' is my answer to JAY's 4:44. "Spiritually speaking, '4:44' means to have a spiritual awakening. '5:55' means you're ready for massive change."

As the sun sets behind him, the WiseUp wordsmith turns his spirit all the way up to the violin-laced banger as he distances himself away from the fast lane, even when its dark outside. Look out for Apologies In Advance coming soon.

Watch Sylvan LaCue's "5:55" below.