A Michigan woman says she's was belittled and embarrassed while purchasing items from Saks Fifth Avenue for the holidays.

Dana Hale spoke with WXYZ Detroit and recalled being accused of fraud by law enforcement because she bought $6,731 worth of Louis Vuitton bags, a belt, a keychain and other Christmas gifts. Hale said she placed half of the items on her business credit card and paid for the rest in cash.

The teller inside the Louis Vuitton store told Hale she could leave her things with her and continue shopping. Hale said as she was looking for sunglasses, police arrived and demanded to speak with her and her 24-year-old daughter, Paris.

“Next thing I know police came. Troy Police. I said what? He said you and you, I need to talk to you,“ Hale said.

As Paris began recording their encounter, the officer reportedly said "The name’s not matching on the card. The card’s declined. So we’re like okay. "Then this is possibly credit card fraud.”  However, Hale says the purchases went through and showed the Channel 7 news reporter her receipt. Hale says she can only attribute the false fraud accusation to one thing.

"They profiled me because I was in sweats, because I was black they felt they could just treat people any kind of way.”

News of the incident quickly made its way to headquarters and Hale says she was offered a refund on her money and told she could keep all the items. Hale however has contacted a lawyer.