Talks of shutouts filled social media Sunday (Jan. 28) during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. One artist who also seemed to be the subject of backlash was singer Alessia Cara, who took home the gramophone for Best New Artist.

"I've been pretend winning Grammys since I was a kid in my shower," she said in her adorable speech." You think I'd have the speech thing down, but I absolutely don't. I just want to encourage everyone to support real music and real artists," she added. "Everyone deserves the same shot."

Her contenders (SZA, Khalid, Julia Michaels and Lil Uzi Vert) all had music that achieved chart and critical acclaim in 2017, while the 21-year-old scored her first breakout single "Here" in 2015. In the years since her debut album Know It All, the singer has released singles like "Scars to Your Beautiful" and collaborated with Logic and Zedd. With that timeline in mind, folks questioned Cara's win, putting a damper mood on what would've been a special moment for the singer.

While still happy for her award, Cara took to Instagram Monday (Jan 29) to address the chatter.

"I didn’t log onto and submit myself. that’s not how it works," she said. "I didn’t ask to be submitted either because there are other artists that deserve the acknowledgment. but I was nominated and won and I am not going to be upset about something I’ve wanted since I was kid, not to mention have worked really hard for. I meant everything I said about everyone deserving the same shot. There is a big issue in the industry that perpetuates the idea that an artist’s talent and hard work should take a back seat to popularity and numbers.”

Cara also acknowledge that her music isn’t brand new. "I’m aware that my music wasn’t released yesterday, I’m aware that, yes, my music has become fairly popular in the last year. But I’m trying very hard to use the platform I’ve been given talk about these things and bring light to issues that aren’t fair, all while trying to make the most of the weird, amazing success I’ve been lucky enough to have.”