On a quiet Sunday morning (Jan. 21) Ciara's name began to trend on Twitter for all the reasons a celebrity doesn't want their name trending. On Saturday evening, Mrs. Wilson took to Instagram to post a 2016 clip from John Gray's sermon in which he speaks to women about what they can do to find a husband.

It should be noted this is just one half of Gray's sermon, and in the full speech Gray speaks to both men and women on what they can do to find a mate and have a healthy union.

However, with Ciara only posting the message directed towards women, there were some who felt now that she's married Ciara is  blaming women for being single instead of taking into account the dating field isn't easy for anyone.

There were others in Ciara's corner and felt Twitter was overreacting per usual.

So, what are your thoughts? Has Ciara become one of "those" women who now after marriage feels she can point the blame at single women for being single, or did she actually offer legitimate advice? Sound off in the comments below.