There are thousands of positive events for every sad headline. And it's good to be reminded of that, sporadically. Otherwise, you turn to tunneling on the internet at three in the morning, searching for the confirmation or repudiation of a conspiracy theory. Ditch that. Great things are happening. A mother and son's reaction to their home makeover just went viral for good reason.

After she lost her job, Dionna Neely and her son, Daeyr, were homeless for some time, The Root reports. The two moved through shelters but they were finally able to get a home. However, that home was empty. When they were finally able to get a hold of a living space, they only had a few blankets and camping chairs. Neely couldn't afford to furnish it the way she'd wanted to. So the Detroit-based non-profit Humble Design stepped in and brought comfort to transform their space.

From the moment the two see the house for the first time, they're awestruck. And it continues through the entire tour. But when 8-year-old Daeyr sees his new bedroom, his happiness becomes intense mirth and he cries tears of joy.

The video is definitely a tearjerker. Watch it below.