RGF Productions have been churning out a handful of New Jersey's most prominent MC's. Once Fetty Wap put them on the map, the prominent label has embraced Remy Boy Monty and helped make him a household name in Hip-Hop. Before the end of 2017, their rap duo Guwii Kidz stepped into the spotlight once their single "Please Don't Call Me" went viral. Now it's 4K Tay's turn to shine.

Recently, HNHH premiered 4Ks debut project No Rap Cap. His introductory mixtape features 15 tracks constructed by beatmakers like Fame Zoo, Cezbeats, JDOT, The Loud Pack and more. His label mate Fetty Wap hops on the bonus track "#TUH."

“I really wasn’t going to take rap serious," 4K Tay told HNHH. "I’m hearing these rap songs everyday and these dudes are rapping [about] my life and I know for a fact some of them are lying. Thats where the No Rap Cap shit comes about. Cause the shit i’m talking about, i’m speaking all facts. I’m giving to them folks like that.”

Stream 4K Tay's mixtape No Rap Cap below.