We're only two months into the new year, but Bow Wow has already been a trending topic on Twitter, and not for a good reason. The notorious #BowWowChallenge was revived after fans uncovered that the rapper had lied about having a club in his home on New Year's Eve. His latest stunt is just one of many instances in which he lied to appear richer or more popular. Bow Wow has never offered much of an explanation regarding his awkward behavior, but his longtime mentor, Jermaine Dupri stopped by the The Breakfast Club on Jan. 16, to offer his own thoughts.

In regards to his New Year's Eve mishap, Jermaine suggested that the confusion centered around Bow Wow's language. "Everybody knows Bow Wow stays at my studio. If you know Bow Wow, you know that's where he's always at. So, him saying that, it is like his crib," he explained. "The fact that people looked at it like [he's] lying... He's just in a space where people keep challenging him.​"

Earlier in 2017, Bow Wow – who goes by Shad Moss these days – was dragged on the Internet for sharing a 1996 VIBE cover, in which he Photoshopped his head with Death Row Records artists. Dupri's response: "Just so I can clear this up to everybody listening, Bow Wow was signed to Death Row when he was 5 years old. So when he put his picture in that picture, people thought he was out here trying to be a part of it. He was probably just mad he was left off. But he was really signed to Death Row at 5 years old."

Dupri also shed light on Bow Wow's chart-topping career. "What's crazy is Bow Wow has more No. 1 records than Drake," he stated. "When we talk about stats and we talk about rap, people don't want to hear that. People want to put him in a different box."

As far as how he behaves online, the So So Def mogul said that Bow "should continue to keep doing what he's gotta do." "He's just got to pay attention to that and focus on that stuff more than the other stuff that be going on."

Check out Jermaine Dupri's full interview on The Breakfast Club above.