The belief that Lil Uzi Vert worships the devil will not let up this year, but the 23-year-old rapper deflects every accusation with humor or no answer at all.

The controversy existed but wasn’t really commented on until Uzi dropped $220k on a chain with an iced out portrait of Marilyn Manson, who he’s repeatedly expressed admiration for. It’s deeper than that for fans and critics, though. They wondered what it all meant, since Manson is a professed Satanist, himself.

Manson reposted a photo of Uzi holding the chain with the caption, “Lucifer Rising.” This left a ton of floating question marks but hasn’t hindered Uzi’s success yet, so it's almost inconsequential.

The subject has been quiet for a while but the other day, someone tweeted to Uzi saying, “stop worshipping the devil” to which Uzi responded, “Stop worshipping Kirk Franklin.”

This doesn’t conclude the argument by a long shot. It’s probably the most random statement Uzi can make in response. And it’s actually kind of funny.

To borrow some words from Winston Churchill, he remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But with infinite shock value, nonetheless.