For all the young'ns who don't know about the infamous "Slam" rappers from Queens, Onyx is back to remind the new generation that they can't mess with the veterans. The music industry has been over saturated with "rockstars" lately, but Onyx has the resume to prove it. After flexing their acting skills over the past few years, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz are making a major comeback in 2018 with their new album Black Rock coming next month.

“The inspiration for Black Rock came from the song (title track) we did for the revolutionary Judgment Night Soundtrack, Fredro said in a press release. "It’s Hip-Hop meets Rock and Roll, boom bap and guitars; but what people don’t expect to hear from us is what makes this album so dope.”

Earlier this week, the OG rap duo dropped off their explosive first single "I'm A F*cking Rockstar." Fredro and Sticky lay down their grimy, aggressive bars that their fans expect to hear from the rambunctious lyricists. Onyx also calls on Brooklyn native Skyzoo to add a hint of tranquility with his smooth verse. Look out for Black Rock to hit the 'Net on Feb 16.

Listen to Onyx and Skyzoo assume their roles as the real rockstars below.