Two teenagers apparently brandishing fake guns attempted to rob a 7-Eleven in Gardena, Calif. and ended up getting shot by a security guard. Viral surveillance footage of the shooting shows the two suspects with weapons in hand as they motion towards a clerk behind the cash register.

The attempted robbery occurred last month, but the footage went viral after it was uploaded to YouTube on January 11.

In the video, the teens jump over the counter and go for the register, just as the the security guard enters the store and opens fire. One teen is heard yelling “It’s fake,” in regards to the gun.

“Oh well, mine is real,” the guard replies.

The suspects, who were both around 16 according to the Los Angeles Times, were treated for non-life threatening injuries, arrested for robbery and held without bail. According to one report, the teens have since been released. The security guard isn't expected to face charges for the shooting.

Watch the botched robbery in the above video.