TDE's got nothing but heat in their vault, and singer-songwriter SiR is the proof in the pudding. Today (Jan. 19), the rising artist—who announced his new spot alongside Black Hippy & Co. exactly a year ago—freed up his first full-length via TDE, November.

The LP, named after his birth month, is short and sweet, but no less rich and satisfying to the core. Between the 11 tracks, ears are exposed to 70s funk, jazz, deep soul and R&B a 90s purist can stand behind. ScHoolboy Q and UK singer Etta Bond were the only two official features to make the album, giving us ample space to get properly with the voice sure to shake up the future of R&B music.

Listen to the album and check out the full tracklist below.

November Tracklist
1. Gone (prod. by Dj Khalil)
2. That's Alright (prod. by J.LBS)
3. Something Foreign feat. ScHoolboy Q (prod. by Saxon)
4. D’Evils (prod. by DK The Punisher)
5. Something New ft. Etta Bond (produced by Rascal)
6. I Know (produced by Saxon)
7. Never Home (produced by Haiyib)
8. War (produced by Mnddsgn)
9. Better (produced by SiR & Dj Khalil)
10. Dreaming of Me (produced by Harmony Samuels)
11. Summer in November (produced by Andre Harris)