If you caught the 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday (Jan. 28), you saw the main stage turn into a politically charged podium, where stars like Camila Cabello spoke on her Cuban-Mexican heritage and journey to the States. Many viewers saw the execution of other race-related spectacles, like Kendrick Lamar's opening performance, which garnered a rousing standing ovation.

One pro-immigrant message, however, might have gone unnoticed. Hip-hop super producer Swizz Beatz, who is from the Bronx and of Afro-Puerto Rican ancestry, let his wardrobe do the talking when he took to the red carpet draped in a Ricardo Seco original with the words, "Entre los individuos como entre las naciones el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz" splayed on the back. A token of solidarity, the message roughly translates to: "Among individuals, like among nations, the respect of others' rights is peace."

The premier designer was elated to learn the internationally-celebrated Swizz rocked one of his pieces, both for cultural reasons (Seco is a proud native of Mexico) and for reasons concerning political moral -- needless to say. Swizz dug Seco's work so much, he went on to don a second coat during Grammys night, with another message that stood in solidarity with DREAMers: “Together, we are the force. Together, we can tear down our (in)visible walls.”

This article was originally published on Billboard.