A year ago, pre-Girls Trip’s commercial success, Tiffany Haddish sat down with Derek Waters, co-creator and host of Comedy Central’s show Drunk History. The premise of the show is simple get the guests drunk and let them narrate actual historical events.

In this episode, the Cali native’s story was of an art historian, Rose Valland, who outsmarted the Nazis and saved valuable pieces of art from being lost forever. When recounting stories of Nazis the first word that comes to mind isn’t typically funny; however, after a few vodka-something's Haddish’s narration skills are unparalleled.

These were the same narration skills that landed her a deal with Groupon after recounting a hilarious story on Jimmy Kimmel Live! of how Will and Jada Pinkett Smith joined her on a swamp tour in New Orleans with tickets Haddish purchased thru the service (which Pinkett Smith didn’t know existed).

The entire clip is nothing but a good time. Haddish starts it off by saying how she likes to make men color on dates to see if they’re a good potential match. “Back in the day, when I used to date drug dealers and gangbangers, I’d make a dude color and if he stayed inside the lines, you know what I’m saying?” Haddish said while coloring.

Check out the full clip below.