Ain't this some sh*t!

Everything seemed to be on the up and up for United Airlines flight 895. After departing Chicago and headed to Hong Kong, the pilot unfortunately had to redirect to Anchorage Alaska after it was discovered a passenger smeared feces in the bathroom.

According to KTVA , the adult male plastered feces in several bathrooms and took off his shirt and tried to flush it down the drain. When confronted by the flight crew the unidentified man was reportedly cooperative.

Passenger Tricia Mason who was seated next to the man responsible said he was "shaking the seats all around him... [and] pouring soda and water on the floor and on laptops."

Once the plane landed the passenger was met by the FBI and airport police. He was later taken to  Providence Hospital for a psych evaluation.

United Airlines passengers all praised the flight attendants for keeping the man responsible calm.. It's also reported all 245 passengers were given a hotel to stay at for the night before taking off the next day.