Seth Carreras reportedly walked into a second district courtroom wearing shackles and a smirk as he looked at the surviving members of the teen's family he's accused of killing over a bad drug sale.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, 17-year-old Carreras and the victim, 19-year-old Hunter Woodson were messaging one another about Woodson selling Carreras marijuana on Nov. 21. Initially, Carreras said he wanted 1.5 ounces but Woodson reportedly didn't have that much.

Carreras went to Woodson's home to smoke as a means of testing the product, however, the agreed price of the sale was $261. Carreras said he didn't have that much and the teens settled on $121. Carreras then went back to his home to retrieve the money and drove back to Woodson's residence.

According to a search warrant affidavit, Woodson had his 17-year-old girlfriend collect the money from Carreras while he sprinkled salt, pepper, paprika and other spices into a pink bag and taped it up. The unidentified teen walked back to Woodson gave him the money collected the bag, and then walked to Carreras to hand it to him. Carreras realized something was off and the girlfriend ran into the home to warn Woodson.

Woodson's girlfriend told authorities Carreras followed her into Woodson's room and Woodson instructed her to hide behind a door while he got into a fighting stance awaiting Carreras. The girlfriend said she could see Carreras had a gun to which Hudson responded "What are you going to do about it, shoot me?” It was then Carreras fired his 9mm handgun "a lot of times" causing Woodson to fall to the ground.

He then walked forward and stood over Woodson firing some more times, the girlfriend told police. As the girlfriend ran out of the room she told police she saw Carreras go through Woodson's pockets. She then called authorities and 22 minutes later, Carreras was arrested at his home as he was trying to hide under a car.

Investigators found "hundreds of bottles of pills" on a shelf in the shed along with knives, guns, ammunitions and two machetes.

Judge David Connors ordered the teen be moved to an adult facility, since his 18th birthday is Feb. 10, an order his lawyer didn't object to. Carreras was charged with first-degree murder.