Could we thank Diddy for Bow Wow's reemergence to the music scene? According to the 30-year-old actor and rapper, it's likely that we can.

In a recent interview with Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning show, the former CSI: Cyber star said that after a headline-making 2017, he's deciding to hone in on his craft of music. Thanks to a few encouraging words from Diddy, he's starting to see the light.

"I'm back...I just locked in," Mr. Shad Moss told the hosts. "I remember, probably after I left y'all, I went to L.A., it was me and Puff...I went to Puff's house..."

He said that Diddy pulled him aside to tell him to stop with his social media antics, because he's a "f**king legend" who has a lot of promise.

"'Look at me, bro..." he recalled. "You a f**king legend, bro. Cut the bullsh*t out!...I see you pumpin' the brand...I don't wanna see sh*t else...'"

"When he told me that, it just kind of hit with me, like damn. I got [Snoop] Dogg, I got this dude, I got [Jermaine Dupri], like, I really mean somethin' to em," he continued. "When [Diddy] looked at me and said those words to me, that's when I just locked it...say no more, that's a forever promise."

It seems like Bow Wow has hit the ground running since his conversation with the hip-hop mogul. He recently released his latest single "Yeaahh." He also assures the radio hosts that the haters don't bother him; instead, he uses them as motivation.

"I never really gave a f**k about what people said about me," Bow Wow said. "I've never really been that type of person because I know who I am, but I knew at that moment, 'okay, you got everybody's attention. Everybody talking sh*t. There's only a few ways you can turn this sh*t around. Get to work, get to work.'"

Check out his comments around the 3:52 mark.