In a story that mixes the end of State Property with the conclusion of Life, two inmates at California's notorious San Joaquin County Jail have escaped from the facility’s Honor Farm and are still at large.

According to the San Joaquin County’s Sheriff’s Office, at about 10 PM Tuesday (Feb. 6) officers discovered prisoners Joshua Underwood and Scott Brandner were missing from their cells. This led to an all-out manhunt, resulting in the police finding both prisoners in the neighboring town of Tracy, CA. Here the former-inmates used their secret weapon - a stolen, 2004 Toyota Sienna van - to escape the pursuit of the authorities, leaving their current whereabouts unknown.

Ironically, both suspects were thrown in prison for the possession of stolen property, with Underwood specializing in stealing cars while Brandner preferred embezzlement.

And despite getting dupped by a glorified church van, police are hopeful they will catch the suspects. Since both, Underwood and Brandner frequent the Tracy area, authorities ask that anyone with any information contact the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office