Get Out, which is currently up for four Academy Awards,  progresses in creepiness levels as we start to learn more about the Armitage family. With this in mind, we as a moviegoing society understandably lost our sh*t the first time we saw the Jordan Peele-directed film.

According to Peele at Wednesday night's African-American Film Critics Association Awards (Feb. 8), he's heard his fair share of reactions to the film. However, at an in-theater screening of the film, he witnessed, firsthand, a very famous face's unforgettable reaction to one of the movie's murders.

"Chance the Rapper was [at a screening], he was there with some of his friends," said Peele. "There's so much tension in the movie, so much stress to put the audience through. By the time [Daniel Kaluuya] starts getting out, it's cathartic. When he gores Bradley Whitford with those antlers, Chance and his friends just stood up, just 'Oh!'" he says while putting his arms up and clapping.

"They stood for the rest of the film," he said to laughter from the audience.

As we know, Lil Chano is a big fan of movies. Last year, he rented out an entire movie theater in Chicago so that fans could see Get Out, and even more recently, he and his SocialWorks non-profit organization started a Black History Film Festival.