When housekeeper Odelie Paret clocked out for the day on Feb. 6 at Miami's famed Fontainebleau, the 63-year-old assumed she'd be headed back to her Opa-locka home. After cleaning 14-rooms at the famed hotel, her four-hour bus commute would only add to her exahustion. Instead, Paret's day went differently.

Paret, who's been a housekeeper for the five-star hotel for almost two decades, received a call from a woman informing her a massage had been arranged at the hotel's spa, along with dinner at StripSteak steakhouse. Paret was taken back by the generosity, but she accepted.

After enjoying her time at the spa, she treated herself to some lobster and sat in the lobby for a while, something housekeepers usually never get a chance to see. Then, according to the Miami Herald, a car arrived for Paret and a friend taking them to Brickell City Centre where they waiting for the mall to close. While waiting outside of Saks Fifth Avenue, the man behind her good fortune arrived. It was Drake.

"I always just saw him on the TV. So I said, ‘Drake!’ ” Paret told the Herald Tuesday. “It made me happy. ... I thank him so much.”

Drake learned of Paret's story while reading the Miami-Herald and in continuing with his charitable deeds decided Paret was more than deserving of some pampering.  Antonio Brown of the Steelers also assisted in bring Paret some well-deserved joy.

Paret was given 45 minutes to purchase whatever she wanted. She reportedly went to the clothes section, but nothing fit. She then tried on some shoes, but as a housekeeper heels simply wouldn't do. She needed comfort. Paret opted for a pair of flats that valued at $800, a $2,000 Valentino handbag, four fragrances--one she purchased for her son--and also a $6,000 18k white gold necklace. The total came to about $10,000.

For Paret, the experience was a beautiful one. As a Haitian immigrant who moved to the United States more than 20 years ago, Paret told the outlet she's worked tirelessly at Fountainebleau to support her family of five. It was about 1:30AM when she finished her shopping. She then said the driver her took her back home where she'd get about three hours of rest before having to commute by bus back to work.