Earlier this week, a video of Eminem and a girl meeting up in a hotel room "leaked" on Worldstar and went viral for obvious reasons. The general public doesn't have a clue about Mathers' love life so naturally the juicy footage became a trending topic in the gossip blogosphere. Despite the hot takes and comical jokes, it turns out that the clip was taken straight out of his stunning new video for "River."

Valentine's Day isn't always filled with smiles and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, but leave it to Marshall Mathers to keep it real about Hallmark's favorite holiday. When he released his most recent LP Revival in 2017, Eminem's song with Ed Sheeran, "River," received plenty of attention on a global scale due to Em's heart-wrenching lyrics, and Sheeran's enticing vocals.

As he tells his depressing love story, Eminem and the "Perfect" crooner act out every emotion that the power of love tends to put us through perfectly from happiness to anger, which makes the Detroit native's bars sound all too real. Not only does the video prove that Em is nothing short of a marketing guru, but it also seems to imply that song was based on factual events.

While you're stuck scratching your head about his personal, mind your business and push play on Eminem's new video "River" featuring Ed Sheeran below.