Fresh off his Super Bowl halftime show stage at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Justin Timberlake appeared on a live episode of The Tonight Show with his pal Jimmy Fallon. No strangers to participating in viral hijinks, the duo had fun with a new game called "Songversation." The game involves describing everything they're doing in song.

While some people may find this amusing, singer-songwriter India.Arie was not laughing at all.  She took to Twitter after she caught wind of the game to say that she thinks Fallon's pre-taped "Songversation" sketch was appropriating the title of her fifth studio-album, SongVersation. She says that the word "songversation" is "sacred" and that she demands respect.

"I hear the @jimmyfallon show appropriated my sacred word #songversation Last night for a skit," the singer wrote on Twitter Monday (Feb. 5). "Just be clear ~ Im offended...THIS not what I have cultivated this word for. Nope...#songversation was not created as a place for @jimmyfallon to make jokes. Smh."

Ms. Arie takes her art very seriously. According to an 2013 interview with NPR, the singer said that the album was a culmination of all of the things she's wanted to say on wax.

"I've never said anything that I didn't want to say on a record, ever," she said. "There are some things that I've wanted to say on records that I wanted to say, and a lot of that — kind of all of that — is on SongVersation."

What do you think? Is this just a misunderstanding, or are Ms. Arie's feelings valid? Sound off in the comments.