Disgraced USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar received another 40 to 125 years onto his lengthy prison sentence Monday (Feb.5) for the sexual abuse of more than 260 women.

The 54-year-old will spend the rest of his life in prison with or without his newest sentence. He will serve 60 years behind bars on child pornography charges, and in a Michigan county nearly two weeks ago was sentenced to between 40 and 175 years for criminal sexual conduct. This means at minimum, Nassar will serve 125 years as his sentences in Michigan will run concurrently.

Nassar pleaded guilty to penetrating girls, including gold medalists Simone Biles and McKayla Maroney, with his ungloved hands as they sought treatment for injuries. More than 150 women gave harrowing testimonies at his sentencing two weeks ago as Judge Rosemarie Aquilinia told Nassar she had just “signed his death warrant.”

Since Nassar also worked for Michigan State, the university has received a lot of backlash for its possible knowledge of Nassar’s wrongdoings and not attempting to stop him. According to TIME, Lou Anna Simon resigned as the university’s president on Jan 24 while Mark Hollis the university’s athletic director followed two days later.