If you think that Janelle Monaé's latest single "Make Me Feel" gives off Prince vibes, you're definitely not hearing things. The singer and actress recently revealed that the late, great Purple One helped her with her upcoming album, Dirty Computer.

Prince actually was working on the album with me before he passed on to another frequency, and helped me come up with sounds," she told BBC Radio 1. "And I really miss him, you know, it's hard for me to talk about him. But I do miss him, and his spirit will never leave me.”

"I wouldn’t be as comfortable with who I am if it had not been for Prince," she continued. "I mean, my label Wondaland would not exist without Paisley Park coming before us. He would probably get me for cussin’, but Prince is in that ‘free motherf**ker’ category. That’s the category when we can recognise in each other that you’re also a free motherf**ker.”

Prince's DJ, Lenka Paris, went into more detail about the musicians' collaboration in a now-deleted Facebook post. Originally, "Make Me Feel" was played at a party by Prince, and "roughly two and a half years" later, she heard the infectious synths in Monaé's track.

"It was futuristic and so good," the DJ wrote. "...As soon as the synth came in, I went "oh sh*t! That's it!"

Dirty Computer is set to drop on Apr. 27, 2018 and will be accompanied by a film.