Bubbling Chicago artist Saba continues to make us believe in his talent. Today (Feb. 27), Saba returns with an introspective video for his recently released single, "Busy."

The Peter Collins Campbell-directed video finds Saba rapping about his damaged relationships due to his and his friends busy schedule. The sorrowful song also tells a brief story of a man cheating on his girlfriend.

"Offend some girl I call my BFF, that ain't no secret kept/I'm fucked, then tell my cousin how broke I was/I tried to hit a few years, she wasn't budging
I'm bogus, left my girl for some shawty, shawty/Deserving all this lonely/You said, "Tell me, how are you sad/You got all of these friends, you got all of these fans"/I ain't trust nobody new since 2012, I ain't let nobody in/Jesus got killed for our sins, Walter got killed for a coat/I'm tryna cope, but it's a part of me gone/And apparently I'm alone," raps Saba.

Back in 2016, Saba spoke to VIBE before the release of Bucket List Project.

“I think about that sh*t everyday,” he says. “I wish I had the answer so I can be doing that sh*t, man. But I don’t know because it’s not as easy as just saying: ‘Stop gang banging.’ It’s so bad in Chicago now that some people aren’t even making a conscious decision like, ‘I’m going to join a gang today.’ It’s kind of like that’s what you become. I’m just blessed, because I remember a time when I really thought that that was going to be the life that I was part of. I was blessed enough to be removed from that sh*t. It’s hard to pin–point how to fix a person’s way of thinking. It’s psychological at that point.”

Watch the video above.