On Sunday evening (Feb. 11), BET aired its first Social Awards that placed a spotlight on comedic creators that fill your day with bouts of laughter. Winners of the night included DC Young Fly, JessHilarious, KendallKyndall, BlameItOnKway and more.

While those lucky few received the chance to be recognized for their work on a large platform, one person feels they should’ve been given the same chance as well. According to HipHopDX, Snoop Dogg called out BET for failing to recognize his influence on social media, specifically his colorful Instagram account.

“How the f**k y’all gonna have a BET Social Awards, and I’m not invited?” the “Words Are Few” artist questioned. “Not in no categories. What the f**k is going on? I’m the king of social media when it come to this Instagram sh*t. Everybody love my page. I keep you laughing, I keep you thinking, keep good music. Why the f**k I ain’t on the BET Social Awards?”

While Snoop keeps up with the demand of posting entertaining videos or memes, he also carved out time to compile a gospel-themed album titled Bible of Love (Mar. 16). The project features vocals from Faith Evans, The Clark Sisters, B. Slade, Rance Allen and more to come.