In wake of America’s latest mass shooting at Florida’s Stoneman Douglas High School, the country is pushing for new gun control reform more than ever to prevent horrific events like the one from ever happening again.

This tear in doctrine has resulted in the resurgence of the debate surrounding the validity of the second amendment, leading to people like Emma Gonzalez (a student at the school turned gun prevention activist) to speak out against the country’s abundance of firearms.

The often misunderstood rapper, XXXTentacion, felt the need to speak out on the tragedy as a native Floridian. This tragedy hit close to home for X, sparking the artist to create a new record, “Hope,” in memory of the victims. He took to Instagram to explain the intended impact of “Hope."

“Follow your dreams, and know that even though you have lost, you have guardian angels watching over you, day in and day out,” X wrote. “The last thing they want is for their lives to be lost in vain, make them proud! live full, healthy, genius lives!"

Listen to XXXTentacion’s new song, “Hope.”