Aaron Hernandez's darkest secrets were revealed in Oxygen's documentary, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, including assumptions around his sexuality and childhood traumas that played a part in his troubled adult life.

Aired on the network Sunday (Mar. 17), the special touched on the unproven motive behind the murder of semiprofessional football player Odin Lloyd. Prosecutors reportedly planned to bring a witness to the stand that supported the idea that Hernandez killed Lloyd because he was aware of a romantic relationship the former athlete had with a man. Shortly after the news spread, Hernandez committed suicide in his jail cell.

During the doc, women in Hernandez's are interviewed like his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins and his college ex-girlfriend Alyssa Anderson. In a candid manner, Anderson looked back on her relationship with Hernandez and says she sent letters to him during his time behind bars.

“Towards the end of his first trial into the second trial, the letters became more intense,” Anderson about their back and forth. “He did open up about some of the struggles he had gone through as a kid. He admitted to being molested as a kid, but he never dealt with it. And it led to issues in his sexuality.” Anderson said she believed he might've cheated on her in the past with a man but Hernandez denied it at the time.

“Back in college, there was text messages I saw on his phone when he came back from a trip in Connecticut that was [from] a male, that didn’t have a name, didn’t really say too much. But it was a relationship with somebody,” Anderson said. “And when I questioned him about it, he always denied it. And then, in one of the letters, he opened up about it and he did admit to it.”


The motive was left out of the case, but his attorneys did approach Jenkins with the news. “Jose Baez (lead defense attorney) speaking to me about Aaron’s sexuality was very hard because I was confused. I still kind of am,” Jenkins said. “When you feel like you’ve kind of had it all with that one individual, it’s just something that took years to build, and now it’s completely breaking down. But I would not want him to go through anything by himself. I was the only thing that he had. Hurt or not — and I was hurt — I had to fight through it.”

Defense attorney George Leontire shared Hernandez was hoping to protect his family but was worried about how his sexuality would be seen in his fiancée's eyes.

“His biggest concern about his sexuality was how it would impact Shayanna and somehow diminish — in her eyes — the tremendous love that he felt for her," he said. "Here’s a man who happened to be gay who loved a woman.”

The documentary doesn't provide another vantage point about who Hernandez was. Instead, it proposes more questions than answers about his murder trial and his dangerous diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known widely as CTE.