With the return of superstar Kawhi Leonard in doubt, former president and forever baller, Barack Obama, looks to keep his hoop dreams alive making it clear that if given the opportunity, he would take his talents to the San Antonio Spurs. When asked at the MIT Sports Analytics Conference why Obama would sign with The Spurs if he was a free agent, the die-hard Chicago Bulls fan channeled his inner LeBron James and explained his decision is based on intellect rather than loyalty.

According to the San Antonio Current, Obama ironically told the audience at one of America’s most prestigious universities that “(The Spurs) are smart, they’re well-run, they’re focused on team” and that’s something “he would want to be a part of.” The news of Obama’s interest in beginning his NBA career with The Spurs reached the organization’s figurehead, Coach Gregg Popovich, who responded to this inquiry in a way only Pop could.

“That’s very flattering,” Popovich told The Bay Area News Group. “I'd have to do a background check on him, though, because I've heard some things he's done in the past aren't very good. I can't remember where I heard that stuff, but I'd have to do a background check."

Despite the friendly jab at Obama’s college-specific extracurricular activity, it is no surprise that the ex-president would want to play for The Spurs as he once referred to the franchise as “a great metaphor for what America should be all about.”

Although it is doubtful that the former Commander in Chief can clamp any hoop star the way a healthy Leonard can, after watching Obama dish out presidential sham-gods for close to eight years paired with San Antonio being one of the top franchises in NBA history, America can trust in the fact Obama knows what he’s talking about.