Anything can be a sign that a new project is coming. This is particularly the case with Beyoncé. Bey is at a point in her career where she can release surprise albums, and she has. The singer’s last two LPs were dropped out of the blue and both won Grammys, so you really can’t blame fans for suspecting that the queen is at work again. After her sighting in Jamaica with JAY-Z on Tuesday (March 20), we've got reason to believe she's got something up her sleeves.

Beyoncé’s leaving a trail of crumbs for fans to follow. In November 2017, she was spotted with her laptop in hand and the box braid style she wore before the eponymous Beyoncé album and Lemonade. True fans know that that’s Beyoncenese for “album on the way.” But it was just one clue, so the public couldn't be too hasty, right?

Then, the On The Run II tour was announced and that’s definitely a clue. She could always debut something new in concert. Lastly, and most recently, her Jamaica sighting with Hov feels strange as the two haven’t announced or put out any new music together.

The couple, notorious for their ability to maintain privacy in the public eye, is perhaps cooking up something new. The two were spotted in the Caribbean nation only a week after announcing official tour dates. While it could be chalked up to vacation or a privacy getaway, there were cameras — the two were clearly filming. E-News reported that Bey donned a $5,800 Gucci jacket and JAY wore a Puma tracksuit.

If you follow the couple, you know that the world won’t get any word about the footage until its release. Yoncé loves surprises. We’ll all have to stay tuned.