There may be no love like a mother's love, but grandmothers make tough competition for sure. Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T made it clear that his grandmother impacted his life more than anyone else h in his latest performance. Although she passed in 2010, the same year as his breakout mixtape K.R.I.T Wuz Here dropped, Krizzle still keeps her legacy alive.

During his Monday (Mar. 5) set on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert Series, K.R.I.T stopped the performance 3 songs in to unveil a tape recorder that his grandmother used to capture him singing and reciting poetry as a child.

"This was back in 1999, this was the actual tape recorder that she used to record us on, it's the actual tape. I actually wanted to play y'all what we were singing up until the point where she was like these are my grandsons," explained K.R.I.T.

Although the rendition of Donell Jones' 1999 hit "Where I Wanna Be" that played from the tape recorder was admittingly off-key, the moment was heartwarming as the rapper reflected on his roots. "I have to feel like my grandmother was my first mix engineer," K.R.I.T said to the crowd.

As K.R.I.T tried to get back into the swing of performing his more recent hit "Bury Me In Gold", he fell short of finding the proper beat. The poet admitted he was "super emotional" from the tape after hearing his grandmother's voice.

Krizzle's Tiny Desk performance follows the release his double album 4eva is a Mighty Long Time where he discusses everything from blessings to depression. The album features artists like UGK, T.I., CeeLo Green, Jill Scott, Sleepy Brow, and others.

Watch the full performance below.