From OVO to the holiday that is December 4, rappers have historically used their birthdays to flaunt their riches at a more rapid rate than usual. But as a generation of hip-hop matures, fans get to experience not only their favorite rappers’ career zenith but also their emotional progression. Big Sean highlighted this moment on Instagram in celebration of his cake day.

Throughout a trio of videos, the then-29-year-old Detroit-native used Mar. 24 – his last hours before turning 30 the next day – to stress the importance of grounding one’s self mentally in order to protect their emotional stability.

“I’m turning 30, and I don’t regret nothing that I ever been through in life. Everything made me who I am, period,” Big Sean said. “But if there is something that I feel that I could have done better, and going to do better moving forward… is taking better care of myself… taking better care of my mental and how I feel.”

Sean then explains that his new emphasis on self-care and love comes following the death of a friend that committed suicide. “Nobody knew what he was going through. No one knew anything about it,” Sean explained. “Point is, we in this together… All of us. These are our problems… If I got a mental illness or someone around us, we got to speak up because these are our problems.”

By Big Sean using his birthday to show that he will lead by example and direct his energy into more positive and fulfilling things, he's become a much needed vessel for fans to look to when searching for answers surrounding mental health.