Newcomer BlocBoy JB is back in the spotlight again. This time around, the Memphis native recruits 21 Savage for this thumping street record dubbed, "Range Rover 2.0."

Over Tay Keith's snapping production, 21 and JB boast and brag about a lot of Crip and gang shit.

"Headshot a nigga ass to see what his mind do/Catch him at a red light or a fuckin' drive-thru (that's on my mama), Nigga playin' with the crew like we ain't gon' shoot/Ooh-woo, now them grapes come through/First 48 and yellow tape keep you from comin' through."

21 Savage keeps that same raw energy as BlocBoy with his song's second verse.

"My baby mama with it, she'll mace ya/Every nigga with me on that gang stuff/Slaughter Gang, we came to shoot your kickback up (21)/Nigga disrespect me, he get shit bagged up/We done with her/Pick ya bitch back up,"

"Rover 2.0." follows JB's "Look Alive" featuring Drake, which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard charts.